Pest Control Dayton OH

Hello, and Welcome to Blu Pest Solutions

Pest Control Dayton OH
Troy Brown Owner/Operator

You’ve probably noticed that we don’t look like your “typical” pest control services. Our goal is simple: to actually be different and make a difference. At our core, we are a locally owned and operated pest control company in Dayton, Ohio, with competitive pricing, a technology-driven mindset and personable interaction. While our branding might not be what you’d expect from local pest control services, it all makes for a better customer experience.

When you need help resolving a pest problem, Blu is the Solution.

Who is Blu?

Why do we do it? Simply to change the stigma associated with pest control services, an industry we are extremely proud of. What do we do? We do everything we can to provide a pest control solution to our customers. We listen to our customers, help them understand why a pest problem has come up and solve their issue. We are a people-first company, we just happen to have the pest solutions. If you need an exterminator in Dayton, Ohio, let us show you why Blu Pest Solutions is the best.